Monday, October 1, 2012

My 5 Cleaning Must Haves

I'm just going to preface this by saying, I do not consider myself a cleaning expert, nor do I call myself a clean freak. I still have a lot to learn, but recently, I have discovered some really great cleaning products that, in my book, make a world of difference.

1. When we got married, we spent a good chunk of our wedding money on a good vacuum cleaner. I was sick of the ones from my college student apartments that did nothing. I swear I never vacuumed in college. That's really gross and sad and beyond the point... but anyway... so I did my research, talked to friends and family about it and decided to take the plunge and buy a Dyson.

I love it. It works like a charm and I know it will be something that will last for years and years.

This is the one we have:

It's great and I highly recommend it!

2. As far as mopping goes, I have never been very serious about it. I remember my mom blocking off the kitchen and getting out her sponge mop contraption and a bucket of soapy water and going to town. I'm not really a fan of that. At all. I opt for the Swiffer Wet Jet. It's so much easier. I have the really old one. I actually think I took it from my parents' house a long time ago, since obviously my mom likes to do things the hard way! ;)

3. When I discovered these, my feelings about dusting totally changed. This little guy makes it so easy! Swiffer Duster. Get one, buy lots of refills, use it. It will change your life... well at least your dusting life. The dust actually clings to it and you don't feel like you have to vacuum every time you dust or like you are just swirling around a pile of dust on the surface. I got so excited the first time I used one that I literally dusted every inch of molding in our apartment. Obviously, the excitement has worn off, but I still love it.

4. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Best things ever. They really are like magic. I don't understand how they work, I just know that they do. I use them on the grout on our bathroom counters and they are the only things that actually make the grout white again. Also, I used one to clean my white MacBook and the cord. Seriously looks brand new now. I have the bathroom ones and the regular ones.

5. So far, this has been my favorite all-purpose cleaner. I have tried out some other ones and this one smells the best and works most effectively. I love it because it works on every surface, including glass. I have the regular one (the green one), too, because I didn't realize this one was multi-purpose. They are both excellent.

I try to buy more natural cleaners because I am not a fan of gagging every time I spray a cleaner. I have yet to find a really good tub/shower cleaner yet though that does not choke me! Any suggestions??

What are your favorite cleaning products??