Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 4: Refrigerator Organization

Doesn't this sound like an exciting post??
Not really.

I wish my refrigerator looked like this:
(from only my favorite blog EVER!)
Sadly... it does not!
It does look a lot better now though than it did earlier today!
I just made a few simple changes.
I added a snack bin. No, we don't have children. Yes, we are 5 years old.
I tried to group everything by category.
Drinks go on the top shelf.

Snacks, dairy, bread go on the second shelf.

Cheeses and raw garlic go in the deli drawer.

Eggs and a random leftover fit perfectly on this little shelf.

Then, meat and some berries go on the bottom shelf. I am going to try to rinse and store fruit like this from now. I think it will cut down on messes and save a lot of time.

And, of course fruits and veggies go in the crisper drawers.

I just tried to categorize the condiments as best as I could.

And then I added these little babies:

I have become a label freak. I love labels. Rule of thumb: Label everything you possibly can with really cute labels and it is bound to look pretty!

Eventually, I would like to invest in some nice glass storage containers, as well as some glass pitchers to store milk and juice. I also saw a bunch of refrigerator bins at Bed, Bath, and Beyond today that would work really well, but they were really expensive. I could probably find some cheaper somewhere else, but for now, I am happy with using all of these things that I already had!

Do you have any refrigerator organization tips that would be helpful??