Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 5: Silverware Drawer

This seems really simple to organize. You buy one of those little divider things and you just use it... right?! Well, not so fast. I bought one of those trusty little trays right after I got married and this is how my drawer has looked for the past year:

 A giant mess.
You have to buy the RIGHT kind of divider. DO NOT get the kind with the little slots at the bottom that the silverware can slide through. It will pretty much ruin your life. Not really. But, you get the point. It won't be good.
So, I finally got this one and I am a much happier camper!

I added some fun patterned scrapbook paper that I already had, removed some of the random items that had ended up in there, threw away the random take-out plasticware, and arranged the silverware in a better way.

 These simple changes made a huge difference.

I put serving spoons in the top section in the back, because I don't use them very often. Then, I separated the large and small forks and spoons and put them in the first 2 sectioons. Then, regular knives and steak knives go in the last 2 sections.

I also store some sticky notes, scissors, dry erase markers (we have a dry erase board/cork board on the wall next to our fridge), and my favorite pens in the front of the drawer.

And there ya have it, a neater, prettier, more orderly silverware drawer!

Thanks for reading! :)
I'll be back tomorrow with my closet makeover! You don't want to miss it!


  1. BTW Haley, I totally read you blog. You both inspire and make me feel like crap for not being clean. I definitely get wanting to keep your silverware in order. I ended up buying this silverware tray from The Container Store because I HATE when my silverware isn't stacked and Eric just doesn't get it. The only problem with this is that the looks portion of the organization is sacrificed. Oh well. Keep blogging.

    1. Thanks for reading, Jessica! That silverware holder is awesome! I wish we had a Container Store here. I love that place! I don't want to make you feel like crap! You should see our second bedroom right now! That would make you feel better! It's giving me motivation to organize more because I blog about it now! We need to catch up soon!

  2. We gave you an award over on our blog today! Go check it out for the details. We love your blog!!