Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 6: My Closet Makeover

This has actually been a project in the making for a while now. I am so glad I finally put the finishing touches on it today. I took these before pictures probably 6 months ago, it looks a lot different now!
First step is always to purge! Get rid of anything that you have not worn in the past year and anything that is damaged or too worn to recover. Then, get to work!
For the top shelf, I color coordinated my sweaters, separated my leggings/tights and belts and put them in bins, and then separated my bottoms with the most worn ones the closest to the middle.

I searched high and low for some cute bins in the right size. I originally bought the white lacey ones that I have in the linen closet for my closet, but they were not tall enough and that really bothered me. So, I put them to good use in the linen closet.
Then, the other day when I was at Lowes for 2 hours getting stuff for my bathroom cabinets I came across the ones that I am using now and they are the perfect color and size!
Of course I added the labels.
I also bought these shelf dividers which really help to keep my stacks straight and orderly.
I then color coordinated my clothes and hung them on all white matching plastic hangers.
I stored my coats in the back for the warmer months.

Skirts and dresses in the back on the other side.

I use the shoe holder to store my sandals.
Then, I store my flats, heels, and booties on the shelves at the bottom with my tennis shoes in the front on the floor. I put my tall boots in a flat bin under the bed. I also store extra hangers under the shelves for easy access.
I have an extra blanket tucked in the lefthand corner and our weekend bags and some shopping bags in the righthand corner.

I pretty much use every spare ounce of space in this closet!
And, there ya have it! My newly organized bedroom closet (my husband uses the closet in the second bedroom and I recently reorganized his, too, so I will do a post on that soon!)!
I can't believe there is only 1 day left in the 7 Spots in 7 Days Challenge! It has gone by so quickly! Let me know if you guys are going to take on the challenge! :)


  1. Okay, this is hilarious, because our sweaters are on our closet shelves just like that, except our shelves are a disaster. I love those dividers. I need those. I didn't even know they were invented. So smart! Haley I love your blog.

  2. Ugh clothes closets are the hardest for me!! Yours is awesome. Great work :)


    1. They really are! Especially when you are lacking in space! Thanks, Lina!!


  3. Do you mind sharing where you got the white lacy bins? I love them!

    1. Absolutely! The Container Store! I lusted after them for at least a year and finally got them!


  4. This looks so good! Those aqua boxes are a great pop of color!