Thursday, August 30, 2012

Medicine Cabinet Redo

Although we don't have any drawers in our bathroom, we are fortunate to have a large medicine cabinet over our sinks that stores so many things!
I love having a medicine cabinet to store our bathroom products because they are shallow and you can see everything really well.
We use them to store our everyday, most-used products. To see how we store the rest of our bathroom products, see our bathroom cabinet post!
I took these "before" pictures a few months ago, so the products we have may be different in the "after" pictures. Here is the process I went through to accomplish the end result.
1. I took everything out of the cabinet, section by section and cleaned thoroughly with a warm damp cloth.
2. I made a plan of where to put each thing that would make the most sense.
3. I put the organizers where they should go and put all of the products back in, with the labels in the front and made sure I could see everything.
It all works like a charm now!

On his side:
I added a larger medicine-cabinet-clear-acrylic-storage-container (wow! That's a mouth full!) from Target to store his everyday products and rearranged a few of his products.

In the middle section:
I used one of the smaller clear dividers we had (I found those at Ross a while back for $1.99 each!) to store our toothpaste and other "mouth products."
Then, I moved the white plastic container from my side to this section to hold my makeup primers, setting sprays, and other makeup that would not fit in my makeup holder (a makeup storage post is coming soon!). I store my makeup brush cleaners next to those (did you know baby shampoo works well to clean your brushes?! So much cheaper than the cleaners made for that!) 

On my side:
I used the other clear storage container to hold my tweezers, little scissors, and contact stuff.
The middle shelf holds all of my skincare products. Yes, I am a skincare product junkie.
The bottom shelf holds all of my hair products and my deoderant.

I love how it turned out! It is so much easier for me to put things away after I use them when I know that they have a place and that it looks so much better!
If we had this medicine cabinet in a more permanent home that we owned, I would definitely add some fun patterned paper to the back walls and maybe even a little chalk board paint to the back of the doors! :)
And there ya have it, my non-medicine medicine cabinet makeover!!
Does anyone actually use medicine cabinets for medicine anymore??
I know my grandparents did, but I can't imagine wasting prime bathroom storage space on medicine! Maybe if we had a bigger bathroom...
Let me know what you guys think and as always, if you have any requests!


  1. This is awesome Haley! I love how you have so many great ideas for smaller spaces. You seriously have a talent for organizing!

    1. Thanks, Ali! I only have small spaces so I have to work with what I got! haha!

  2. Looking good!! I have a request. Now that I FINALLY have couches (and not Andrew's futon), I am going to do my gallery wall. But I would love some hints because I am really really intimidated by the project.

    1. DONE! I totally have some helpful tips for that!

  3. Great job! I really like the clear containers.
    For your last question, NEVER store medicine in a bathroom (coming from a pharmacist). It's too humid.

    1. Thank you!! Good to know! I thought I had heard that before!