Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 7: TV Cabinet

Last day of the challenge!
I will actually miss having a schedule of what to organize and blogging about it.
Maybe there will be more "7 Spots in 7 Days" Challenges in the future!
Anyway, today's project is not that great, to be honest.
I just wanted to get our TV cabinet in order and it really did not take much to make it look a lot better.
It took all of 10 minutes.

I added some baskets that we already had to hold all of the Wii and XBOX controllers and random parts and pieces. Are you so surprised I didn't label them?! Yeah, me too. I figured you can tell because I put the Wii Games with the Wii basket and the XBOX ones with the XBOX game.

I had already alphabatized the DVD's a couple of days ago, so that worked out nicely!

My next project is going to be to make a user manual binder with all of the random manuals from our TV, Wii, XBOX, Cable box, vacuum... all of those kinds of things! I'm sure I will do a post on that soon!
And... that was it!
Let me know if you guys take on the 7 Spots in 7 Days Challenge! It really motivated me to get those little projects done that I had been putting off!
Let me know if you guys have any organization requests! I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!
Thanks for reading!

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