Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Bedroom Progress

When we moved into our apartment over a year ago, the kitchen and one wall (yes, just one wall) in our bedroom was this hideous green color. Our landlord refused to paint it before we moved in, but agreed to let us paint it ourselves as long as we chose a neutral color so I was determined to paint ASAP. We painted the kitchen before we even moved in, I could not deal with that being green.
However, our bedroom looked like this for about 8 months:

 I could not stand it any longer, so we finally painted it a nice neutral grey and I am a lot happier with it! It really opens up the space and makes it so much lighter and airy! We replaced our bedding because it had gotten all bleach-stained from the products we use on our face at night. We got some nice white crisp bedding from Target that I love! My sister made us some new Euro shams and curtains, while I sat there and tried to help. I am lucky to have such a crafty sister. We also hung some prints that a friend gave us for a wedding present. Aren't they so cool?? I love them!

It looks so much better, but it still doesn't look finished to me!
There are just a few more changes I would like to make.
I'm thinking some fun throw pillows, painting the dark wood nightstand a pretty coral color, maybe giving the book case a little remodel, and possibly doing a collage over the bed with the drawings in the center.
Stay tuned for some bedroom updates very soon!
Be sure to let me know if you have any suggestions or any ideas of where I can find some awesome pillows! I cannot find any that I absolutely love!
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P.S. I will be back soon with some more organization projects... possibly an entire kitchen re-organization!!

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